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ITC can protect your home and business. Our mission is to protect,

maintain, educate, improve and provide solutions for all of your IT needs.  

WHY Hire Us?

"You'll work with an expert every time."


ITC is a premiere technology consulting firm you can trust to keep your operating systems functioning smoothly and all of your information, data and networks secure. Think of us as your vCIO, we're always there when you need to help navigate IT solutions. And, we'll work with your budget. 


ITC utilizes up-to-date systems to improve processes and reduce overall costs. And, we will work with your business leaders to solve issues such as security risks, employee turnover, new software integration, MFA, compliancy, cyber security and backup. 


ITC architects strategize and implement an ITl plan that best suits your business needs now and in the future, whether transferring data to a new platform or implementing a new IT system or safeguard.



ITC, as your MSP, offers solution architecture and can plan IT projects to suit company needs and budget, implement software, secure network, manage the process and provide training.


Our technological experts are flexible in their approach and strengthen client relationships through loyalty and constant communication to ensure each project is a success and showcase of MSP excellence.  


Need a MSP? ITC provides management for just about anything you "TECH"nically need. We're your one-stop shop for management of projects, project planning, implementation, hardware, software, operating systems, installations, networks, firewalls, cyber security, MFA, backup and recovery, compliancy and more. 


ITC also offers audio, visual and sound services. 

Caleb of White Audio (Doug's grandson) is an audio architect and engineer. He designs, implements and installs audio, visual and sound systems, wi-fi compatible equipment, PA systems, zone control, remote management of devices and more. Caleb can also provide audio, sound, labor and equipment for live indoor or outdoor events. 

Caleb has provided audio and sound services to a variety of small businesses and theatres, and his company, White Audio, has been serving clients since 2010.


He worked on a 6-month job with the ITC staff April – August 2022 and installed a state-of-the-art Misu audio, visual, sound and PA system. See the case study for details. 

Caleb is the chief audio visual officer for the KC Mavericks. 

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