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ITC uses an AI based EDR to detect, contain and dismiss cyber attacks.

"EDR detects, contains and dismisses a cyber attack faster than a human could, and this technology will make anti-virus programs obsolete." Doug Clark, ITC 

What is AI Based EDR?

Endpoint Detection and Response using Artificial Intelligence

ITC are the experts to call for your IT needs.


ITC uses Sentinel One to install EDR into an endpoint, network or system. Learning mode is where the process begins. ITC installs EDR to "detect only" for the first two weeks. This allows the computer to learn everything about what the endpoint user does from the point of login, then it creates a profile. 

ITC will reset the mode once the computer has completed the two-week cycle of "learning." The system is now ready to detect threats and determine various levels of severity to formulate different policies on how to remediate the errors and dismiss or remove completely. 

EDR can be set up locally, on the actual endpoint or remotely using a cloud-based tool like Sentinel One. ITC can set EDR up in large, complex networks and systems too, which have the capability of deleting a breached endpoint(s) from the network automatically. EDR is able to recognize suspicious patterns that occur in the network and directory activities from its initial "learned behavior" processes.  

"EDR is the highest level of security necessary for preventing cyber attacks and system breaches. We are upgrading all of our clients' managed services with EDR." Doug Clark, ITC


Sentinel One EDR Offers

  • Advanced levels of security on PC and Mac computers, networks and systems

  • A real-time resolution with cross-platform analytics to identify, block and remediate attacks autonomously at machine speed

  • A means to detect cyber attacks and breaches faster than a human and can identify malicious behaviors not detected by IT staff

  • A purpose to fight tomorrow's security threats, today

  • A seamless, reliable and trustworthy resource to your systems for ultimate cyber security and managed services

  • Automation, which is key because EDR reduces the volume of tasks that must be done manually


Talk to Doug about adding EDR to your systems.

ITC has the latest technology to keep your systems safe. 

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