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ITC works with family-owned automotive groups and dealerships throughout Missouri and Kansas. Dealerships do much of their business online, and they usually can't afford to have an in-house IT crew. So, ITC works as an on-call IT crew to help local automotive businesses stay online, functional and protected. 


Learn about the CASE STUDY ITC has done for Gladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in KCMOs northland. 

FTC Revised Safeguards Rule 2022 for Auto Dealers 

What Auto Dealers should know 2023

Community and Rural Banking

ITC works with family-owned, community and rural banking establishments. Banks, which are not big chains, have few staff and need IT assistance in many capacities, as most banking is done online. ITC is like having their own crew whenever a banking client needs IT assistance. We keep our clients and their clients protected, while providing full functionality and accessibility of online services. 

Government and Education

ITC works with small municipal and rural school districts, government offices, agencies, colleges and universities. ITC knows and understands their needs and can work within budgets and timelines, while keeping each entity online, running efficient technology that is accommodating and protected. 


ITC works with small or rural, privately or community-owned healthcare facilities including, but not limited to, clinics, hospitals, doctor and veterinary offices. Almost everything is computer related in the healthcare industry, from your records to scheduling and more. Healthcare workers have a duty to care for patients, and ITC has a duty to take care of their computers and networks, so you can be seen by the doctor and your information is accessible and protected. 

Manufacturing and Engineering

ITC works with privately owned, local manufacturing plants. We provide a variety of IT solutions to promote growth, maintenance, sustainability and security. 

Food and Beverage

ITC works with privately owned restaurants, bars and food service companies to keep their systems updated and MFA compliant for protection of their business and all customer transactions.

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