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APP a Palooza

All or most of technology is driven by Apps. 


We used to have to buy software and however many licenses that would be necessary for multiple user platforms.

Today, we visit the App Store and download the app to best accommodate our project for what we are doing.

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Did you know ... Doug and the techs at ITC can help you with your Apps?


The techs at ITC assist clients all the time when their Apps are not cooperating with daily business routines and data.


Whether the App is QuickBooks or something else, Doug and his crew are always here to help you! 

Apps, Software
What's the Difference?

Software is a system requirement, which collects info, then utilizes this data for commanding a computer system to function in a specific way.


An Application is a type of software program that helps people do a particular activity on their device. 


 Apps are on our desktops, laptops, phones,  iPads, gaming devices, and ITC can assist with any App on  every device you use for business or personal.

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Best APP Advice from Doug at

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Rule #1

Apps must be kept up to date. If you don't keep Apps updated, then they may not work properly and could result in down time and a loss of revenue."

Keep your technology updated, as some app updates will not work with an outdated system.

Rule #2

By not updating Apps and technology means fixing all of these issues could cost a significant amount of money. 


So, to avoid running up an IT tab of unplanned budget items, it's best to keep all Apps and systems updated at all times.

Rule #3

Failing to update makes your Apps and technology more vulnerable to being breached or hacked.


The last thing you want to happen is for a hacker to get into your bank account, client info or your system to do irreparable damage. 

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