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Business Continuity

ITC has many ways to protect your data. Our goal is

to educate you about all of the elements, which can be affected and also make up a part of how your business will address and achieve business continuity. 

ITC can show you many ways to protect your systems data through business continuity.

Go Ahead and "Back that thing Up!"


Valid backups are the bedrock of a robust business disaster recovery and continuity strategy. Regular, automated backups are critical. However, if backups have not been tested and validated, you may not know if your data can be backed up in the event of a disaster. 


ITCs backup recovery testing solution offers regular automated test recoveries of your most critical data every 14 – 30 days, dependent upon your organization’s needs. 


Here’s how ITC backup recovery testing works:

  1. We set up a testing environment in the cloud, restore your backup, and take a screenshot to verify successful recovery. 

  2. We delete the cloud testing environment after the test.

  3. We generate a report confirming the successful backup test. 


What this means for you and your data:

  1. Saves recovery time in a data loss scenario

  2. Is peace of mind your backups have been tested, regularly

  3. You’ll have screenshot verification reports of backup testing

  4. A comprehensive backup test/check of the entire system, its present state, file and folder backups

  5. A promise from ITC to have a tested backup system in place for when you need it most


Keep prying eyes from reading your company data with full disk encryption protection.


Consider this: You have an employee working remotely and their computer gets stolen. Okay, all the data on the stolen device is now available to any criminal, who can crack the password. Data used by remote and traveling employees, as well as in-house staff, requires a greater level of protection

because in today’s world, passwords aren’t enough to protect your company data. 


Remember: If the bad guys can’t read your data, they can’t use it.

Disk encryption helps keep criminals from using your proprietary data and your confidential customer information against you and offers a good line of defense. So, if a bad guy gets past other cybersecurity protocols, and they can access data, they won’t be able to understand it without the encryption key.


ITC will provide a full disk encryption, which can help thwart cybercriminals and add extra protection while expanding the boundary around your data and workflow. Your team can work seamlessly with their data within your encryption key, even though ITC takes care of the encryption. The more security layers you have in place, the more confidence you can have that your data remains secure. 

ITC applies the latest updates to meet compliance regulations and audits for HIPAA and PCI DSS, which require data encryption. ITC staff can also help generate reports demonstrating the encryption status of your data. Organizations that don’t encrypt critical data leave themselves open to anyone, who can gain access to a lost, stolen or unattended computer. If your data isn't encrypted, you have little recourse. 


We’re not sure what’s more frustrating, redoing work you forgot to save or being locked out of your critical documents due to ransomware encryption. ITC can help you keep access to your mission-critical documents with regular, automated and verifiable backups. And, this strategy is our best protection against lost work/files, whether due to accidental deletion or a ransomeware attack. 


ITCs file-level backup service finds and backs up critical business documents on workstations to help protect you from data loss when full workstation system backup is not an option. This service also enables you to preserve documents in a secured, compliant, accessible environment affordably and within your budget. Almost all types of business documents can be backed up (including but not limited to):

Microsoft Office®  QuickBooks® Outlook®  .PST files  Open Office™  Visio®  Mac® file types  x ...

File-level backup service details:

1. Document backups are stored in a private cloud 

2. Unlimited storage space is available 

3. Backups automatically run twice per day 

4. Backups are verified 

5. Retention and recovery assistance and maintenance


Your data travels quite a bit through a standard workday. What exactly does that mean? Well, data travels from your computer to your network to an internet service provider, into various public/private clouds, shared with other apps/services/clouds and back to you again ... a network path. Your email, applications and phone systems all have paths that convey data to and from those assets. If there is an issue anywhere along the way, you might experience slowdowns or interruptions.

Why partner with ITC for Network Path Analysis services?

1. We can quickly troubleshoot through the data delivery chain and tell you where the issue is located,. Then, resolve the problem, while saving you

money, giving you visibility and more choices in your data's journey.


2.  We take the time to connect employees to apps and services more effectively. Knowing where your data is and how it travels helps us provide more efficient connections between your staff and/or guests and the IT assets they depend on. 

3.  We restore network visibility. Here's why ... Protecting your business processes requires visibility into the performance of the network paths and devices you have no control of outside your network. ITCs analysis can give you visibility into internet paths, allowing you to see where your data goes and who may have access to it. 


4.  We improve the speed of your system. Our tools give us the ability to measure the performance characteristics of each network node and link outside your network, making it easy to spot and work on issues causing workflow slowdowns.

Visit ITC technology library for the latest IT trends and topics.


Email security should be an essential element of any cyber security strategy. Email is one of the world's leading means to communicate, transfer documents and more. And,  it's as if the world stops, and we're frozen in time when email goes down or is not operational, which is just one more reason to make sure your email security is a part of your cyber protection plan. 


Start with a checklist to help assess what needs should be considered for optimal email security. There will be more to consider than you think, consider the following: 

a. Be assured it's safe to communicate internally and externally

b. Include provision work-from-anywhere employees have advanced email security 

c. Archive email system backup for easy retrieval and to align with your company’s retention policies 

d. Avoid wasting time and losing productivity dealing with avoidable email security issues 

e. Gain greater control and transparency over email usage to make smarter decisions 

f.  Insight into your overall email use reaps powerful information for executive decisions.

g. Help prevent users from falling victim to email and display name spoofing 

h. Reveal users and accounts sending out spam 

i.  Keep email up and running with 24/7 built-in email continuity

Making sure your emails communication systems are secure minimizes down times and means less disruptions in your daily productivity and workflow.


There are many things in business that are beyond your control, but the security of your web traffic doesn’t have to be one of those things.

What is web protection? Well, first imagine the following scenario, to make the need for web protection more clear. A problem starts with one wrong click of a mouse by one of your employees, which could give cybercriminals access to your critical information disrupting workflow and allowing them unfettered access to data, where they can do anything from steal confidential information or install ransomware on your systems. So, web protection is a layer of security that complements and goes beyond traditional content filtering, antivirus, and firewalls, helping keep your employees safe and productive, as they browse the web. Web protection gives you granular control of the web sites your employees and guests can access, improving overall security and workplace efficiency. 

ITC can use our web protection tools to keep you and your data safe. 

1. Blocking malicious sites

2. Protecting against malware downloads, phishing, adware, botnets and spam threats

3. Monitoring web traffic with automated checks and alerts

4. Updating the threat intelligence continually for the most up-to-date protective data

5. Blocking content that is inappropriate for the workplace in accordance with your HR policies

6. Limiting access to social media sites during work hours

7. Guarding web traffic on networks utilized by visitors and clients

ITC are the experts to call for your IT needs.
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