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ITC Case Study

Below is a photo of the dealerships original

wiring. This outdated, wiry mess is the

reason why ITC was hired to rewire,

connect and secure all three buildings.

Gladstone Dodge wiring before case study


IT Architect Douglas Clark of ITCentral and Owner of Gladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, Tim Doherty, met to discuss plans to add, update and secure the IT needs for the dealership’s three-building property in the Kansas City, MO northland.


The need for an architectural plan was necessary to move forward, as some of the buildings had existing wiring from the 1970’s, as pictured above. New technology and wiring had been added to the existing

through the years, “piecemealing” the functionality and effectiveness of the businesses current IT needs.

Doug created an architectual design and presented to the owner of Gladstone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

The design included security, installing a temporary fiber network across the service parking area to connect all buildings during construction, TVs, phone systems, new wiring connecting all three

facilities, replacing and updating pre-existing work stations and installing

new ones, audio visual, sound system installation with controlfor three

zones, audio controls for soundquality, speakers, sub-woofers and more.


Job timeline projection has been aligned with the dealerships need

during building addition phases. The anticipated timeframe to complete

this job is five months.


Doug and ITCs architectual design was accepted by Gladstone Dodge

Chrysler JeepRam, and this major IT project began onsite in April 2022.

“This is one of the largest projects we’ve taken on that has so many

buildings and areas. They’ll be up to date, state-of-the-art and highly

secure when we’re all done,” said Doug.

ITCentral techs engineer new network and update systems for Gladstone Dodge.

ITCs approach, case study results and conclusion

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