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"COVE" Your Disaster Recovery and
Save Money Improving Business Continuity!

Cove is a Data Protection application that requires no new appliances and can save you up to 60 percent

of total cost of ownership (TCO). Think about what would happen if your system was breached and you were unable to recovery everything. How would a loss of data affect your business? 



  • Safely backup everything with appliance-free, direct-to-cloud for virtual and physical servers, workstations, applications and databases

  • Cloud storage is included to backup in a worldwide private cloud

  • Retain and restore data from the same web-based dashboard used to protect servers and workstations

  • Cove Data Protection's direct-to-cloud architecture allows you to store backups off the local network by default and out of the reach of ransomware

  • Cove Data Protection is a service, and ITC handles the updates, patching, and maintenance for you  


  • Meet recovery-time objectives and set up a standby image to automatically send every backup to reduce recovery time 

  • Cove Data Protection helps recover a full device to a virtual machine or to new hardware when disaster strikes

  • Cove Data Protection can perform automated backups as often as every 15 minutes to support demanding recovery point objectives and minimize data loss

  • Cove Data Protection offers flexible recovery of your data to the location of your choice

  • Cove Data Protection automatically tests backups and provides reports that validate recoverability

  • Restore one folder or a few files, and routine restore tasks are easily delegated to customers or help desk personnel with Cove Data Protection



  • Store more in your cloud for longer without paying extra

  • Cove Data Protection keeps all backups fully encrypted

  • Policy compliance (including HIPAA) for data retention at no extra cost

  • Cove Data Protection keeps archived data within your region and ready to recover at a moments notice

  • Recover a file from last year as quickly as if it was backup today


Achieving business continuity with Cove Data Protection is a service that saves you money and gives you safer options than ever before in data recovery, backup and archiving. Protect you, your systems, employees and customers, and prepare for surviving a disaster to prevent downtime and additional costs. Call and talk to Doug about Cove Data Protection, email or book a free consultation online.

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