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Having a business computer vs. a personal one is a safer option to prevent cyber attacks.

WiFi Access for Guests ... a risk to your Business? 

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Allowing guests access to your WiFi is a norm today. Access to your WiFi is (more often than not) expected, as it keeps guests iinformed, engaged and entertained. 


However, ITC staff wants you to consider this thought ... can guest’s using your WiFi make the organization less secure? 


The answer is yes. Hopefully, you’ve taken a wise precaution by installing a network for business processes that is separate from the network used for guest access. Please note: having a separate network and firewall for guest WiFi is important, but guests can still stumble onto sites that could pose a danger to your organization―or worse, purposely visit objectionable or illegal sites from your network. 


ITC staff makes use of proactive, adaptive technology that blocks access to those dangerous sites before they cause harm. We offer the best Advanced Web Protection services and solutions to keep your guests, employees and organization cyber safe. 

Phishing, Web Traffic Protection, Fraud Prevention

The most common way cyber criminals fraud people on the internet are through phishing sites. There are over two million dangerous web sites, according to Google’s 2021 report, which is up 27 percent from the year prior. And, Google estimates approximately 46,000 new phishing sites emerge each week. 


This is why Advanced Web Protection is crucial and a significant tool in the arsenal to protect your company's data and privacy. Advanced Web Protection begins by blocking DNS requests to known bad IP addresses and help to block ads and other unwanted content.


Why is protecting your web traffic so important?


Cyber security can prevent users from accessing malicious websites that could

infect computers with malware or steal personal information and company data.

The staff at ITC is your number one resource for protecting all of your business

systems. Call, text or book an appointment online for a free consultation. 

Searching for someone to help with phishing and fraud prevention, ITCentral techs are your answer.
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